7 Top MBA in USA with Scholarship International Students

MBA in USA with Scholarship International Students

One of the goals of many ambitious students around the world is to pursue an MBA in the United States.

However, due to the high expense of this program, not everyone can afford it.

As a result, several prestigious colleges in the United States provide MBA programs with scholarships for international students.

These partially financed scholarships assist students in pursuing their dream of earning an MBA in the United States. It pays for tuition as well as certain living expenses.

Some MBA scholarships in the United States are available on both a need and merit basis.

Academic accomplishment, community service, personal attributes, and professional progress all contribute to the selection of merit-based students.

Need-based scholarships are provided to students who have proven financial need and are available once the candidate’s background has been reviewed.

This article will highlight some of the best MBA programs in the United States that currently offer scholarships to international students.

Top MBA Scholarships in the USA for International Students 

1. Sainsbury Management Fellowships (2024)

Sainsbury Management Fellowships 2024 are offered for MBA programs in the field of business administration.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation is offering this scholarship for GBP 50,000, which covers solely tuition. UK citizens may apply for this scholarship.

The project enables engineers with strong employment prospects to pursue full-time MBAs at leading international management schools. 

The primary purpose of SMF is to promote UK engineers as industry leaders while simultaneously increasing UK enterprises’ economic performance by providing a pool of highly motivated engineers with first-rate business education in an international setting.

Scholarship worth GBP 50,000.


  • Applicants must have a first- or upper-second-class engineering degree and demonstrate a strong commitment to UK engineering and business, as well as their communities.
  • The applicants must be able to work in the UK. Applicants must hold Chartered Engineer status (or equivalent) or be on track to get it.
  • Additionally, applicants for Sainsbury Management Fellowships 2024 must be passionate about engineering and technology.

2. Harvard Business School MBA Scholarship.

Havard Business School provides a variety of MBA programs in the United States, with scholarships available to international students to help them pay for their studies.

These fellowships include need-based prizes, summer fellowships, professional development, and exploration.

The institute provides need-based scholarships to nearly half of its MBA students. The institute’s average annual need-based payout ranges from USD 2,500 to $76,000.

Scholarships cost between $2,500 and $76,000.


  • This fellowship is accessible to individuals who have demonstrated a dedication to aiding communities of color in the United States.
  • It is also for candidates from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who have significant financial obligations.
  • Students with leadership skills who have shown a commitment to improving public services, non-profit leadership, and Junior Achievement experience are also eligible to apply.

3. MIT Sloan MBA Scholarship.

The MIT Sloan School of Management provides a range of fellowships to students enrolled in their first and second years of MBA programs.

Students who demonstrate academic achievement, career accomplishments, and community involvement are eligible for merit-based awards from the institution.

Scholarship Value: $10,000-$20,000.

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  • This award is offered to students who have demonstrated a willingness to start a business in a low-income country after graduation.
  • They must be MIT graduates who have excelled and are eager to extend their studies in education, educational policy, and reform, educational technology and innovation, and related subjects.
  • MBA students may address societal challenges during their USD 20,000 summer internship.

4. Higher Education Scholarship Test for Indian Students (2024)

Higher Education Scholarship Test for Indian Students. HEST 2024 accepts bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, and MBA degrees in all subjects except medicine and MBBS.

This scholarship is funded by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and has a value of Partial Funding, with up to 3 lacs per student.

Its goal is to assist needy students who are economically disadvantaged.

Scholarship Worth: Partial financing.


Applicants for this award must be Indian nationals with a valid national passport. The student must have scored at least 55% in their 10th and 12th grades.

5. MBA Fellowship- Goldman Sachs

MBA Fellowship – Goldman Sachs provides Masters and MBA degrees in the discipline of MBA. The deadline to submit your application varies.

This award, sponsored by Imperial College London, is worth USD 35,000 in partial financing.

Scholarship value: USD 35,000 with partial support.

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This award is offered to first-year MBA candidates from Asia who wish to work as Summer Associates at Goldman Sachs in 2024.

6. MPower MBA Scholarship 2024

MPOWER MBA Scholarship 2024 is open to students pursuing an MBA degree. This scholarship is provided by MPOWER Financing in Bangalore and has a value of up to USD 10,000 in partial funding. International students are eligible for the scholarship.

Scholarships are worth USD 10,000 and provide partial assistance.


  • The applicant must be accepted or enrolled in a full-time MBA program at one of the MPOWER-funded universities in the United States or Canada.
  • The candidate should be legally entitled to study in the United States as an international student.

7. FACC Foundations: Serge Bellanger International Business Degree Scholarships in the United States

FACC Foundations – Serge Bellanger International Business Degree Scholarships are offered for Masters and MBA programs in the field of MBA.

This scholarship is offered by the French American Chamber of Commerce and is worth USD 10,000 for tuition only. This scholarship is open to both French and American students.

Scholarship Value: Tuition Fees (USD 10,000)


Students seeking the Serge Bellanger Scholarship must be French or American citizens who have been accepted into an MBA program in the United States or a French university for the academic year.


Are there fully-funded MBA scholarships for international students in the United States?

Yes, however obtaining one is difficult. There is strong competition among candidates, and just a few awards are available.

Can I get a 100% scholarship for an MBA in the United States?

Yes, however, you must be a very high-achieving student in academics, have some professional successes, and display leadership qualities, passion, and desire.

Are there MBA scholarships for women in the United States?

Yes, there are MBA scholarships for women in the United States, including the INSEAD MBA Scholarships for Women, the Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco Financial Leadership Scholarships, the Forte Fellows Program, the IE Foundation, and the PEO International Peace Scholarship.

What are the prerequisites for an MBA scholarship in the United States?

To be eligible for MBA scholarships in the United States, candidates must meet one of these requirements:

Merit-based scholarships require candidates to demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, personal qualities, community service, and professional development.

To be eligible for a need-based scholarship, individuals must establish their socioeconomic level and financial needs.


There you have it. Some of the best MBA scholarships in the United States are for international candidates.

If you’ve been considering pursuing an MBA in the United States to improve your abilities and expertise, this article will teach you how to do so.

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