How to Apply for the Rice Online MBA Scholarships in 2024

Rice Online MBA Scholarships

Rice Business provides a variety of merit-based scholarships to help students save money on tuition and other expenditures.

All full-time MBA candidates are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships during the application evaluation process and are notified if one is awarded upon acceptance to the Rice MBA program.

Which Rice Online MBA Scholarships are suitable for you?

With the nation’s total outstanding student loan debt approaching $1 trillion, the expensive cost may discourage smart individuals from pursuing higher education.

Though the cost of business school can be daunting, an increasing number of schools are offering competitive scholarships to bright students interested in pursuing an MBA.

Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business was a pioneer in offering merit-based scholarships to deserving students.

According to the school, 80% of full-time MBA students in the 2018 class received scholarships.

After admission, all applicants are immediately examined for merit-based awards. These merit-based incentives are only available to full-time MBA students and can cover anything from 10% to 100% of tuition.

Rice also offers a variety of flagship scholarships. For Houston-area business students, we’ve created a list of Rice University’s best MBA scholarships.

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List of Rice Online MBA Scholarships

1. Full name Dean’s Endowed Scholarship

The Full Named The Dean’s Endowed Scholarship adds $2,000,000 to Rice’s scholarship fund and pays the entire cost of tuition and fees.

2. Crownover Scholars Program.

This scholarship allows students to interact directly with the award’s namesake, former Rice Board of Trustees Chair James Crownover.

In addition to financial assistance, this reward connects applicants with the experienced James Crownover, who acts as a mentor, introducing students to industry leaders and providing advice and insight.

3. Jones Partners’ Leadership Scholarship.

Jones Partners is a group of people dedicated to bridging the gap between the Jones Graduate School of Business and the surrounding business community.

This network offers a scholarship to full-time MBA candidates with the potential to be exceptional leaders. This coveted scholarship pays students’ tuition and expenses for two years.

4. The McNair Scholar Program

Each year, one Rice MBA candidate is chosen for the McNair Scholars Program based on their academic performance, aptitude, and leadership abilities.

The McNair Scholars Program provides chances to promising applicants from low-income households (typically first-generation students), with complete tuition coverage for all grantees.

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Rice Online MBA Scholarship Application Requirements:

One of the Rice University MBA entry requirements for applicants is a four-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized US institution or university, or an equivalent degree from another country.

Rice’s MBA Application Process

1. Create an online account by registering at the Rice MBA application website.

This is the first stage of the application procedure. Fill up your online application with your personal information, then complete the following components:

Upload unofficial transcripts for any degree you hold. Transcriptions should contain the following information:

International applicants who earned their bachelor’s degrees outside of the United States should have their transcripts assessed by a third-party body. You can assess transcripts at any of the three businesses listed below.

  • SpanTran: The Evaluation Company
  • Educational Credential Evaluators
  • World Education Services (WES)

Rice Business believes transcripts examined by any of the three companies mentioned above to be official.

2. Standardized testing.

Rice University’s MBA application demands a strong GMAT score. Full-time MBA students may be eligible for a test waiver.

However, it is desirable to acquire a good GMAT score, as this adds weight to your application. To increase your chances, aim for a score greater than 710-715.

Overseas applicants must provide a valid IELTS or TOEFL test result to demonstrate English language proficiency.

3. Professional Resume.

A professional CV should highlight your job experience and professional accomplishments. Follow the steps outlined below to create a strong CV.

  • Keep your resume simple and concise, no more than one page.
  • Do not list all of your job duties. Instead, stress your responsibilities, especially the administrative ones.
  • Highlight notable achievements and honors.

The Rice MBA admissions committee wants to see you in person. So, use the extracurricular activities section of your application for this purpose.

For example, you can mention the groups you belong to, the expedition team you led, or anything else that reflects well on your personality.

4. Letter of endorsement.

You must submit one letter of recommendation from your current or previous supervisor. If your immediate superior fails to provide you with a recommendation letter, you must submit two letters.

Rice University’s MBA programs use the GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation, which can be utilized at multiple business schools applications.

After you enter the recommender’s contact information in your application, the system will immediately send them an electronic “common recommendation” form.

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5. Application fees.

Submit your Rice MBA application and pay the $200 application fee using a credit card or internet banking.

Once you have submitted your application and paid the Rice University MBA charges, the admissions committee will begin to review it.

If you are accepted, the admissions committee will contact you by email.

Rice MBA students, for example, value the ability to customize their curriculum.

Rice University’s MBA program contains about 100 electives from many subjects, including accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship.

As a result, students can choose about half of their curriculum. Students have the opportunity to work with real-world firms to solve complex business difficulties.

Students gain valuable insights by participating in a number of programs designed to promote experiential learning.

For example, the Action Learning project is a 13-week team-based program in which student teams confront a company’s problems and propose effective solutions.

Students graduate from business school with not only an MBA degree, but also a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills to thrive in the global corporate climate.

FAQs for Rice Online MBA Scholarships.

Does Rice University accept three-year bachelor’s degrees?

Jones Graduate School of Business accepts three-year bachelor’s degrees from international students. Students can apply directly through their bachelor’s programs.

Is Rice’s MBA program STEM-designated?

All Rice University MBA programs are STEM-designated.

What are the concentrations available to full-time MBA students at Rice University?

Full-time MBA students can select from the eleven concentrations listed below.

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Energy
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Operations Management
  • Strategy
  • Real Estate

What are the most prevalent industries for Rice MBA graduates?

Rice University MBA graduates work in a wide range of industries, based on their topic expertise and specialization.

However, the most recent Rice MBA employment report shows that the banking and consulting sectors account for the majority (53%), followed by petroleum/energy (16.67%), technology (14.07%), and other industries.

Can an Indian pay for my Rice MBA with an educational loan?

Many respectable Indian banks provide educational loans for obtaining an MBA abroad based on your qualifications.

You can also choose the Global Student Loan Corporation, a third-party loan facilitator that assists Indian citizens in obtaining educational loans.

However, only consider loans if you have exhausted all of your Rice MBA scholarship options.

For more information, visit their official website

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